“there’s an infinite amount to find in the presence of nothing.”

what is floating?

floating is a practice in which you enter into a sensory reduced environment. it is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.
the environment inside a float tank does not occur anywhere in nature and can only be duplicated, well, in another float tank.
there is no light; visual perception is eliminated. there is no sound; audio signals are gone. the water is the same temperature
as your skin; tactile sensations dissolve. there’s over half a ton of Epsom salt in the water; gravity disappears. 90-95% of the
sensory input we normally process is turned off and extraordinary things begin to happen. the body goes into a deep state of rest and relaxation.

health benefits

it turns out that when you float in a warm, Epsom salt solution that is housed in an environment which frees you from almost all of
your senses, wonderful things happen. with external stimuli at a minimum, our bodies have a profoundly intense relaxation
response. the body is no longer in “fight or flight” mode and switches to “rest and digest”. this natural transition carries a
wide array of health benefits. the brain reduces cortisol output (stress hormone) and increases dopamine and serotonin,
the “feel good” endorphins. it is essentially a reboot switch for your mind. this warm, salty bath dissolves stress stored in
muscles, decompresses joints and elongates the spine, and puts the body in an ultra deep state of rest and relaxation.
floating helps with rest and recovery, stress, anxiety, can alleviate chronic pain, and so much more!

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