phlōt has three state-of-the-art sensory deprivation tanks.

floating: unveiled

what is all this floating talk?

floating is a practice in which you enter into a sensory reduced environment. it is unlike anything you've ever experienced. the environment inside a float tank does not occur anywhere in nature and can only be duplicated, well, in another float tank. there is no light; visual perception is eliminated. there is no sound; audio signals are gone. the water is the same temperature as your skin; tactile sensations dissolve. there's over half a ton of Epsom salt in the water; gravity disappears. 90-95% of the sensory input we normally process is turned off and extraordinary things begin to happen. the body goes into a deep state of rest and relaxation.

what to expect?

release all expectations. floating is about everything that you won't be doing. for an hour you will be doing nothing and this, perhaps, will be the most relaxing thing you will ever do.

why float ?

it turns out that when you float in a warm, Epsom salt solution that is housed in an environment which frees you from almost all of your senses, wonderful things happen. with external stimuli at a minimum, our bodies have a profoundly intense relaxation response. the body is no longer in "fight or flight" mode and switches to "rest and digest". this natural transition carries a wide array of health benefits. the brain reduces cortisol output (stress hormone) and increases dopamine and serotonin, the "feel good" endorphins. it is essentially a reboot switch for your mind. this warm, salty bath dissolves stress stored in muscles, decompresses joints and elongates the spine, and puts the body in an ultra deep state of rest and relaxation. floating helps with rest and recovery, stress, anxiety, can alleviate chronic pain, and so much more!

mental benefits

"heal the mind, heal the body"
  • stress relief
  • reduced anxiety
  • accelerated mindfulness/meditation
  • enhanced creativity
  • mental clarity
  • release of endorphins
  • improved learning and memory retention

physical benefits

"relieve tension you didn't know you had"
  • improved muscle recovery
  • better sleep quality
  • pain management (chronic, lower back, Fibromyalgia)
  • magnesium absorption
  • decreased muscle tension
  • enhanced athletic performance
  • reduced blood pressure

first float

once you have decided that you really really really want to float (which should be pretty easy), there are a few steps to follow:

1 schedule your phlōt!

there a few ways to schedule your float


the website is filled with "book now" buttons; just click one!


don't be shy, call us!

(616) 551-3837

in person

stop in, say "hi", take a tour, and schedule an appointment!

2 before-your-phlōt preparation

eat a light meal 1-2 hours before your float

you don't want to be stuffed nor do you want to be starving during your float. consuming food within this time frame will put your tummy in a sweet spot.

do not consume caffeine

you want to be in a calm, relaxed state during your float.

refrain from shaving the day of

freshly shaven skin can be irritated by the Epsom salt water.

give yourself time

plan to arrive early so you can begin to relax before your float and stay as long as you want after your float. we recommend you take some time for yourself and enjoy the post-float glow.

3 time to phlōt!

  • plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in. (please call if you're going to be                     late)
  • new customers will be given a short walkthrough and any questions will be                     answered
  • take a quick pre-float shower and then enter the float tank
  • after 60 minutes the lights and music will fade on to ease you out of your float
  • step out of the tank and take a quick post-float shower to rinse all the Epsom salt               away
  • get dressed and enjoy your post-float serenity in our relaxation room
  • enjoy our refreshments and relax for a while

float FAQs

do I need to bring anything?

all you need to bring is yourself. towels, spa wraps, soap, ear plugs and everything else you need are provided.

what if I'm claustrophobic?

people who are claustrophoic consistently report they have no problems with floating. you are always in control of your environment and can leave the tank door open and the lights on if you desire.

how is the water kept clean?

the water is fully filtered three to four times between each floater through the tanks advanced filtration system, which uses a 10 micron filter and is sanitized using UV light and hydrogen peroxide. also, the high concentration of salt creates a very hostile environment for anything small that wants to live. The cleanliness and clarity of our water is extremely important to us, so we regularly test and monitor it throughout the day to ensure it is held at the highest standard.

can I bring a friend?

of course! in fact we encourage it! you can’t float together (because that’s weird), but we have three floatation tanks.

can I drown if I fall asleep?

na. some people fall asleep, and that’s OK. The water is too bouyant for you to sink. the worst that can happen is you are awaken by salt water getting in your eyes.

can I float while pregnant?

absolutely. floating has been proven to be a great experience for women who are pregnant and is completely safe. it is a great source of relief from the stresses of gravity and some women report that it is a great way to bond with the baby, as you have a greater awareness of their presence.

what do I wear while floating?

everyone floats naked. you are in your own private room AND inside the float tank. it’s best not to wear anything because a bathing suit (or anything else) can be a tactile distraction while you’re floating.

do you sell gift-certificates?

yes, absolutely. we have several options available. please visit our store for more detailed information.

can I float if I'm menstruating?

absolutely. just follow the standard sanitary protocol used in hot tubs or pools.

do you still have unanswered questions?

send us your question below!

our tanks

has three state-of-the-art Pro Float Cabins

each isolation tank contains 185 gallons of water and 1,100 pounds of Epsom salt.

has three state-of-the-art Pro Float Cabins

each isolation tank contains 185 gallons of water and 1,100 pounds of Epsom salt.

has three state-of-the-art Pro Float Cabins

each isolation tank contains 185 gallons of water and 1,100 pounds of Epsom salt.

has three state-of-the-art Pro Float Cabins

each isolation tank contains 185 gallons of water and 1,100 pounds of Epsom salt.

has three state-of-the-art Pro Float Cabins

each isolation tank contains 185 gallons of water and 1,100 pounds of Epsom salt.


our cabins are some of the largest float tanks on the market. with almost 8 feet of interior length and almost 5 feet of interior width, even the largest floaters will feel comfortable.

insulated fiberglass

with a solid foam core embedded in the structure, the Pro Float Cabin ensures maximum sound proofing and heat retention, allowing for a more comfortable float.

tactile transducers

underwater speakers provide the option to listen to music as you float or help you through guided meditations. play your own music or listen to ours, in either case you will be eased into and out of your float for the first and last 5 minutes of each float session.

vibrant lights

each cabin is equiped with a soft light LED system. you can choose to float with the lights on, but most people usually turn them off.

air circulation

high efficiency air circulation replaces air inside the tank with the fresh dry air that is outside the tank. it won't feel stuffy!